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Architect, Registered Accessibilty Specialist,
Real Estate Broker, LEED Green Associate
Fort Worth, Texas

Architectural Experience

Thirty years experience in all phases of Architecture and Construction and twenty years teaching. Experience includes programming, design, construction documents, bidding procedures, contract administration during construction and post construction services.

Forensic Architecture


Litigation Support:Expert Witness, Reports and Presentations, Certificate of Merit, Deposition and Arbitration.

Analysis of Architectural Services:Architect's Standard of Care. Architects Errors and Omissions. Pre-Construction Services, Facility Programming, Design, Bidding Services, Construction Documents, Construction Administration and Post-Construction Services.

Codes and Ordinances:Compliance with Building Codes, Local Ordinances, Appropriate Industry Standards, ADA and Fair Housing.

Building Failure:Analysis of Construction and Design Defects, Cause and Origin and Failure Analysis.

Roofing Failures:Roofing Design and Construction Defects. Roofing Types: Built-Up Roofing, Modified Bitumen, Single Ply Membrane (TPO, EPDM and PVC), Composition Shingles, Wood Shingles, Concrete Shingles, Tile and Clay Tile, Sprayed Polyurethane Foam Roofing (SPF) and Metal Roofing (Manufactured and Field-Fabricated).

Building Envelope:Water Intrusion from Window, Glazing, Siding and Veneers. Stucco and EIFS Design and Construction Defects. Design and Construction Defects of Brick, Stone, Cast Stone, Terra Cotta and Cultured Stone.

Slip, Trip and Fall:Building and Site Analysis, Analysis of Stairs and Ramps.

Americans with Disabilities:ADA Violations, Texas Accessibility Standards Plan Reviews and Inspections.

Remedial Design:Remedial Design for Design and Construction Defects. Remedial design for roofing failures and water intrusion.