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Texas Accessibility Standards

Plan Review

We provide Texas Accessibility Standards plan reviews. Our services include a complete review of plans and specifications for new or remodeled projects. Plans are submitted by the licensed design professional and are reviewed for compliance with Texas Accessibility Standards.


Sample Plan Review and Inspection

Sample Plan Review

Often during a design or planning phase, design professionals and building owners need to know if their existing building is in compliance with Texas Accessibility Standards. We can provide a full assessment of the interior and exterior areas and prepare a comprehensive report of elements in compliance and elements out of compliance. This allows for a schedule of completing necessary compliance and incorporating necessary compliance items in future projects.


Sample Inspection

Texas requires a final inspection within one year of the completion of construction of a new building or altered space to insure compliance with the Texas Accessibility Standards. Each element is reviewed to ensure the project complies with TAS. Full compliance is required on all inspections unless an approved variance.

Compliance with the Texas Architectural Barriers Act and TAS is separate from compliance with the ADA and ADAAG.

ADA + ANSI A117.1

Accessibility design and building adaptation. Analysis of buildings and sites for compliance with ADA and ANSI 117.1.

Registered Accessibility Specialist No.448.